Women in one sentence

December 26, 2010

There’s 2 types of guys in the world: the type women screw, and the type women call the perfect boyfriend.


Refuting arguments against seeing prostitutes

November 24, 2010

I’ve never seen a good argument for why a guy who can’t get sex any other way shouldn’t see a prostitute.

In fact, even if a guy can get sex – cheaply, with minimal effort and minimal pain, and without becoming dependent on the woman – I still think prostitutes can be put to great use whenever he needs on-demand sex and can’t be bothered driving/commuting in order to get it.

Here are some common arguments against using prostitutes:

1. They’re ugly

Actually, most of them are pretty good looking. If they weren’t they’d be out of business pretty fast.

(Although I’ll grant there there are always a small segment of less attractive hookers – e.g. overweight, older, etc – who cater to a smaller market of men who are attracted to those characteristics.)

Keep in mind, I’m talking about professional, legal escorts. Not the riff-raff you might find on a street corner. Those women don’t get a second look from myself or most other men, as they tend to be on the verge of death from a drug overdose, violent assault, etc.

The prostitutes I’m talking about are professionals who meet the physical specifications that most men desire, and thus, are able to turn a profit.

2. You’ll get

Actually a guy is less likely to get an STD if he has sex while sober, plans ahead of time, and has some control over when and where it takes place.

It’s obvious fact that a simple condom provides nearly complete protection against every kind of sexually-spread infection, and that all professional prostitutes not only provide condoms, but insist upon their use.

I’d venture to guess that most of the women one meets at bars and other establishments and picks up for sex, are much less consistent in their use of protection.

These women tend to have flings on the spur-of-the-moment with whichever man is most dominant/sought-after/popular.

Those men are also more likely to have STDs, since they too have sex with a lot of the same kind of women – those who they meet at bars, clubs, etc. And they’re less likely to use protection because A) the women will let them get away with forgetting to use it, B) a lot of their flings happen on the spur of the moment, rather than being planned out.

So in summary, paying for sex is the least risky kind of sex, when compared to any other possible way a nerd/loser could be getting laid.

3. Sex with a hooker would suck because there’s no emotion in it

Who says there’s no emotion?

We men, unlike women, don’t need to have deep, meaningful feelings for a human being in order to enjoy the sensual pleasure sex offers.

If you’re a nerd, sex is actually better without emotion, because you don’t have to risk your emotions on a venture that’s most likely to end up in disaster.

Women don’t like nerds. So nerds shouldn’t like women. Any women. Ever.

The more you enjoy sex for itself, without introducing emotional baggage, the more independent and free you’ll be.

The more independent and free you are, the happier you’ll be, because you’ll never have to experience the disappointment and regret that you would bring upon yourself by giving your soul to a woman who doesn’t deserve it.

What do women want?

March 21, 2010

Why are there so many differing, contradictory opinions on what attributes and traits of men appeal to women?

The ideas range from big muscles and nice cars to humor and good fashion sense.

The real answer lies in the old confusion of correlation with causality.

A lot of muscular men achieve mating success. So do a lot of wealthy men, well-dressed men and tall men.

If a man spends a lot of time in the gym, it’s fairly likely that he’s aiming to impress other people, in which case, he’ll also spend a lot of time and energy on his social life and less on himself as an individual.

You could say the same about men who invest a lot in clothing, cars or any other superficial form of image maintenance.

But if you could strip away the non-essential symptoms of mating success, what would you be left with?

One thing: popularity.

All the men you’ve ever known who were successful with women had this characteristic, in one form or another.

They had some kind of social circle, in which they were popular/respected.

They projected a genuine confidence, which no man can fake, which evidenced a wealth of prior sexual experience with women.

This is how women sort the wheat from the chaff.

Why pay for sex?

March 21, 2010

Women control sex

Women are the final the choosers when it comes to sex. They simply observe the many men they encounter, and select the most socially powerful ones to mate with.

They don’t mind sharing a man. Sure, women get jealous when a serious relationship is involved, but women have a lot of non-serious flings/affairs, in which they don’t care who else the man’s seeing, or are happy for him to see other women.

Either way – relationship or fling – women always choose a man who’s had more sexual conquests over a man who’s had less.

So the end result is that a man who already gets a lot of sex will get a lot more sex.

Sex always costs something

Is it possible to get sex for free?

Free would mean that you can get some amount of sex with some particular individual without paying them money, or spending a lot of time, energy and mental effort on them.

Since time is money (including the mental energy invested into that time), spending four hours of your time on a given project does have an economic cost to the individual.

You’re investing time in one activity that you might have invested in another activity, which might have brought you either greater or lesser rewards.

If, by investing time and energy into women, you can gain a relationship that goes further than friendship (i.e. a sexual one), you have made an investment and gained a return.

However, not every man invests the same and gets the same return.

A man with lots of friends and a rich sexual history with many women gets more results from a smaller investment of time.

For a man with very few friends and little sexual experience, this is reversed.

In real life

Let me phrase this a bit more realistically.

Say you’re a single guy who walks into a bar by himself. He’s surrounded by people who are already involved in conversation.

The content of those conversations may vary. Some people may have met recently – introduced through friends. Others have known eachother for a  long time.

Some of the conversations are between a man who is sexually powerful and woman who desires him. Others are between several men vying for a woman’s attention.

All of these people are investing time and effort into a social interaction, hoping to gain something.

The single guy, by himself, has the biggest investment to make, because he has to start from scratch. He has to start conversations with many groups of people, figure out a way to impress them enough that they’ll be wiling to include him in their social circle.’

Then he has to seduce a woman in the group, enough that he can either take her to another location, or get her phone number, or arrange a date.

On subsequent dates, in competition with every other male that the woman is aquainted with (and most women have LOTS of male friends), he has to make himself stand out enough that she considers him worthy of something more than friendship.

Things women like

It’s true that women are more attracted to a guy who’s already been successful with other women, and who has a lot of friends and admirers.

A guy who has none of these things has to either build them all up from scratch, which involves a huge investment in time and resources, or pretend to have them, which involves less investment.

The lifestyle most people lead involves a lot of spending and little money making. Look at the average salary for evidence of this.

So, even to put on the façade of being popular and networked, a guy still has to invest in the things a popular person would have, in order to be consistent with this persona.

Women are very good judges of character and consistency. They consider the neighbourhood a guy lives in, who he hangs out with, what he majors in at college, etc, and weigh them all up for consistency.

To summarize, no matter which angle you take in attracting women, you’re going to invest money and time in one thing or another.

Whether it’s nice clothes, or several hours hanging out at the bar, or an apartment in a nice part of town, or spending time learning about popular culture/fads, something has to give.

Why prostitutes present better value for money

Girlfriends/relationships have all the costs of a pricey, long-term investment, with none of the benefits.

A woman can reject/leave you at any time, before or after you’ve had a chance to enjoy a sexual relationship.

Also, you can become emotionally dependent on a woman after spending a long time with her, and I’ve seen this drive men to do stupid things, like supporting a woman financially who’s seeing another man, or paying child support for children he never wanted.

If you could only pay for the times when you most want sex, and only pay for the sex itself, you would find it cheaper in the long-term.

$300 for an hour of fun seems expensive, but consider that, in order to seduce a woman, you might be paying well more than that in clothes, restaurant meals, alcoholic beverages, a nice apartment in a convenient location, taxi-rides, a nice car, nice furniture, etc.

Now if you want any of those things for their own sake, then fine. If you managed to want them all, independent of your desire for women, you might be able to get sex for free, on the side.

You’re still going to be investing large amounts of time, talking to women, seducing them, competing with other males.

Whatever you do, you’re going to pay for sex.

The choice is this: do you want an expensive, risky, non-guaranteed investment? Or do you want a string of short-term, less-risky, specific investments, with specific, measurable outcomes?